Watercolor Cookies

Making Watercolor Cookies!

When I first started decorating sugar cookies I started with the basic method of tinting the icing and piping it on the cookie, it was what everyone did however I just really couldn't get into it. That's when I started painting cookies about 2 years ago.  I found that I loved this method so much more than just coloring the icing and piping because it gave my cookies a bit more character than just the standard flat colored icing.  I could paint and mix and create freely using the cookie as my canvas. 

I'm by no means an Artist but I like to play with colors and I found that this method was so easy to create and express myself. 

What you'll need:

·         Iced Cookies either Fondant or Royal Icing will work perfectly

·         Toothpicks

·         Clear Extract- Vanilla, Almond or your favorite flavor

·         Gel Food Coloring

·         Plastic Painting Pallet from the craft store or a small cup for mixing paint colors

·         Assorted Pastry Brushes or unused craft brushes I prefer a small tip brush

·         Paper Towels or Parchment Paper


Ensure the icing on your cookie is completely dry and place it on your paper towel or parchment paper as it can get a little messy.

2. Mixing your Paint.

Place a small amount of extract into the well of the paint pallet, I start with a capful of extract. (Note: you may be tempted to use water instead of extract but water will make your cookie soggy. Extract contains alcohol which evaporates quickly and will not harm the surface of your cookie.)

Food coloring is very concentrated, you only need a small amount to achieve the perfect color. Dip the tip of a toothpick into the food coloring and swirl the toothpick into the measured extract. Mix until you achieve your desired color.  If you find the color you made is a bit dark, just add more extract to lighten.

3. Making your Masterpiece!

Use your brush to paint like you would on any surface. Try painting flowers, landscapes or anything your heart desires.

To achieve my signature watercolor look saturate the tip of the brush with the darkest color and then tap the tip of the brush gently onto the cookie. The color will flow from the brush onto the cookie and create little puddles.  I like to let the puddles dry before adding my next color.  Continue this process to layer the colors and achieve your own signature look.

Have fun creating your own signature masterpiece!


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A special thank you to Mallory at Flat 18 Photography for the gorgeous photos!