Handcrafted Cakes Created Just for You.

Details. Flavor. Freshness.

Our Bespoke cakes are one of my favorite things to create, especially when they incorporate our signature touches; torched meringue and fresh flowers! I'd love to work with you to create the perfect cake for your special celebration. 



a few of my favorite things.


Named after a my friend Marilyn, The Marilyn is the perfect combination of classy sophistication and a little bit of fun! Marilyn dresses perfectly for any occasion, always knows exactly what to say, is always there in a pinch but the girl also knows how to have fun! Our Marilyn Cake reflects her perfectly! We dress her up  with fresh florals and added a bit of a twist with our torched meringue.

We've taken our Classic Vanilla Sponge, layered it with our Vanilla Bean Buttercream, topped it with torched meringue and fresh flowers.  She's elegant and playful all rolled into one. For extra fun add chocolate drip or fresh fruit and she's divine!


Ahh, she's the best! Criss & I met in our favorite bar and the rest was history!  She's incredibly smart, funny, has a little sas and a lot of class & of course she loves an adult beverage every now and again!  Oh, and we forgot to mention she's all about being fit & healthy so we think we made the perfect cake for her!

Our Criss cake is ideal for any celebration!  We've taken our light and airy Champagne Sponge and layered it with our Strawberry Buttercream and because you can never have enough bubbly we finished it with a beautiful champagne frosting.  It's like heaven on earth!   It's a little healthy and a little boozie, so don't feel guilty if you go back for seconds we promise it's ok it has fruit. (wink wink)


Well, well, this my friends is named after my favorite bar in the city.  It's a great little no frills bar in downtown Houston & it's actually where Criss and I met. It's run by an amazing family, filled with great people, and I LOVE their drinks. So when I'm looking to relax this is where you'll find me.

We've taken our Bourbon Soaked Sponge, layered it with Dark Chocolate Ganache and Brown Sugar Swiss Meringue Buttercream. We've finished it with more Brown Sugar Buttercream and swirled silky Chocolate Ganache on top! 


Claudia Xochitl has been by my side since we were teeny tiny tots and she's like no other.  She's strong, independent, wise, classy and dependable.  We've combined love of her family heritage and her love of chocolate to pay homage to this amazing woman.

We add Mexican Vanilla and Cinnamon to our Vanilla Sponge and layer it with our Milk Chocolate Ganache and Dulce de Leche Buttercream, it's finished with the perfect layer of Dulce de Leche Buttercream frosting.  It's so good and simple, it will have you saying Esta Delicioso!  Trust us you'll ask for more. 





made fresh to order. never ever refrigerated or frozen. promise.


Our "Wedding Cake" cake! This is a light white cake with the perfect amount of vanilla bean. Seriously, it's perfection.


Golden & Buttery sponge, its delicious!  


Moist and tart, this lemon-flavored sponge is made with fresh-squeezed juice & zest.


Our yellow sponge is soaked in our favorite bourbon, Amaze!


It doesn't get any better than this! This is the perfect cake for a Sunday Brunch or any Par-Tay!.  It's light & airy and taste like Champagne what's not to like about it?


Subtle lemon tones that pair perfectly with lavender, we use fresh squeezed lemon and lemon zest.


Dense, savory & sweet, this sponge is made with pumpkin puree, cinnamon, allspice & nutmeg. (Seasonal)



we don't use shortening in our icings, just the good stuff, butter, sugar & eggs!


Our signature buttercream is our vanilla, it's a classic made with vanilla bean. The best!


We've paired our vanilla bean buttercream with strawberries. It's so delish!


Raspberry is yummy, we add lots of berries to our vanilla and its so good.  


Pop, fizz, clink! Ahh, we add lots of champagne to our buttercream and its divine! You'll be saying I'll take another please!


mmmmmm. If you love dulce de leche this is for you! mmm-mmm-mmmm heaven.


Brown sugar anything is so good and I love this paired with our Dark Chocolate Ganache.


We incorporate your childhood favorite in our buttercream and it's a fun alternative.



dress her up and make her look pretty.


We work with our florists to bring you the best flowers! Our florists prepare our flowers for our cakes making them safe for our cakes!


Fresh fruits not only taste great on a cake but they can add that extra pop of color too. We love hand painting them gold too.


We are known for our meringues, they are light and delish crisp on the outside and melt in your mouth yummy all around.


We can add chocolate drip to any cake, white, pink, chocolate or gold, you name it and we'll do it. We can also create chocolate sails or add your favorite candy! Yumm!


Dark or milk chocolate ganache is a great addition to our cakes. If you love chocolate give it a whirl you won't regret it.


Meringue is awesome but torched meringue, YES, PLEASE! Can you tell it's my favorite topping? It's light and mallow and just oh soooooo good! It's a signature touch we really love adding to our cakes!



8 inch round cakes start at $85.